Coronavirus | MIS-C in kids: A study suggests most cases of MIS-C in kids resolve within 6 months


According to the study published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, despite initial severe illness, most symptoms were resolved after six months. In the observational study carried out in 46 children, it was revealed that some children did experience problems at six months that require ongoing physical therapy and mental health support.

The study was carried out on patients admitted at a specialist paediatric hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK due to systemic inflammation. The researchers of the study noted that most kids experienced different severe effects during their initial illness, like gastrointestinal problems, neurological symptoms, and heart problems, it was found that at six months follow-up, most symptoms were resolved. Out of all, only 1 kid had systemic inflammation, 2 were still suffering from echocardiograms related abnormalities and six of them had gastrointestinal symptoms.

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