Coronavirus: Is your fatigue a sign of coronavirus or seasonal infections? Here’s what you need to know right now | The Times of India


Fatigue can refer to an overall feeling of extreme tiredness and being zapped out of energy, or feeling highly exhausted. When a person is fatigued (medically or otherwise), he or she can feel extremely drained and find it difficult to carry out any work or have zero motivation to do anything.

While fatigue is usually resultant of dietary or lifestyle changes, medically too, fatigue can occur and its range can differ from mild to severe.

Fatigue and tiredness can feel very similar, yet different. However, there are some differences that are noteworthy. So to speak, tiredness can be a common complaint when there’s a loss of energy levels. However, it can last for some hours and usually gets resolved after getting some good rest and recovery. COVID Fatigue, on the other hand, can last for longer, make it excruciatingly difficult to carry out any tasks and last regardless of sleep.

A bout of fatigue can also make a person feel extremely dull, achy and lack energy. As with COVID-19, not only can the intensity and duration be different, it could also be accompanied by some other signs. These broad symptoms are now being looked at as signs which may help a patient differentiate normal fatigue from a COVID fatigue.

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