Coronavirus In Kids: Will the third wave of COVID-19 affect children more? Here’s what experts have to say


The latest reports from The Lancet COVID-19 Commission India Task Force, which includes prominent paediatric experts from all across the country, states that there is no evidence to suggest that children will be worst hit by an anticipated third wave.

The group of experts teamed together to find out a possible way to ensure the safety of the children against COVID-19. They were asked to evaluate the evidence and suggest practical clinical tools and strategies for providers and guidance to the policymakers and the public, so as to collectively protect the children during this crisis.

Although the data was limited, it was found that the mortality rate amongst severe COVID-19 positive children below the age of 10 was 2.4 percent.

Whereas 40 percent of the children who had succumbed to the disease had co-morbidities and 9 percent of all hospitalised COVID-positive children had severe symptoms. All the participating kids were below the age of 10.

Globally, children constituted 1.3-3.2 percent of the total reported hospitalised cases. The mortality rate was also said to be “significantly low” amongst kids.

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