Coronavirus: Have symptoms but still testing negative? Here’s why you could get a false negative report | The Times of India


Retesting is one of the best measures to confirm your doubts and get an accurate result. However, patients who continue to exhibit symptoms with a negative RT-PCR report should not be complacent and continue to self-isolate, quarantine themselves until they start feeling better.

Isolate yourself and keep health trackers handy. keep checking on your symptoms and notice any changes. If you do go for retesting, it is advisable to do so after 3-4 days post the first test.

If need be, upon a doctor’s recommendation, additional blood work and chest scans may be ordered, which could also be helpful ways to detect viral load in the body. Only then could proper treatment be started.

Remember to follow good hygiene practices and keep all preventive rules handy- keep wearing masks, wash hands frequently, maintain social distancing and most importantly, remain isolated. Do not step out or spread the infection.

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