Coronavirus: Do COVID survivors have stronger reactions to vaccines? | The Times of India


From the observations which have been seen, not only can the side-effects be on the harsher side for those who have recently recovered, they may also be more commonly felt in comparison to someone who may have not contracted COVID-19.

While side-effects tend to be usually on the milder side and resolve on their own, intense side-effects may take a long while to resolve and impact your routine. Recovered patients who have got the jab attest to the fact that side-effects, such as pain at the site of injection, headaches and malaise could last longer than expected too.

Should this be worrisome? Most experts say not.

One of the prime reasons why more robust (or intense) side-effects may be more common with COVID-19 recovered patients could also be because their immune system is already primed to respond to the virus, including the harmless fragments, which are also present in the vaccines.

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