Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 give you a distorted smell? Here’s what long haulers want you to know | The Times of India


From breathlessness, bouts of chronic pain and exhaustion to lost smell, life for COVID long haulers, or those continuing to battle symptoms of the infection even after recovery can be difficult and confusing. Here are some classic signs to recognize whether you may be at the risk of becoming a COVID long hauler (link to story)

Now, several case studies have revealed yet another unusual sign of long COVID, which is distorted smell.

While some patients can have a difficult time recognizing the smells or odours, for some, COVID may end up inducing a lot of different, mostly unpleasant smells which may not be actually there.

From smoke, rotten vegetables, foul food, vinegar, faeces, strong pungent chemicals to garbage, people suffering this unfortunate problem have gone on to elaborate the different kinds of smells they may suspect distinct odours which might not be there in the first place and take a while to vanish.

It has also been seen that distorted smell doesn’t impact every patient of long COVID. What exactly causes it in the first place isn’t clear yet. It just feels like a phantom occurrence, something which isn’t really there but is strongly felt by the person without a reason.

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