Coronavirus And Heart Attack : Can COVID-19 impact your heart? Here are some warning signs that you should know


Experts also say that there has been a rise in the number of clotting incidents reported with COVID, meaning that COVID may be just as devastating for the limbic system, blood vessels, as is for the lungs. Doctors also opine that in some cases, the virus could also lead to the formation of blood clots, damage linings of the inner blood vessels, which in turn, increase the risk of cardiac arrests and complications, even for the ones who have no previous history.

Poor lifestyle, bad diets could further aggravate problems. Irrational use of blood thinners with COVID may also fuel the cause. COVID-stricken anxiety could also push the body into pumping more blood and increase heart rate and pressure.

That being said, what remains important is for patients and caregivers to remain cautious about warning signs and symptoms of heart trouble, during and after battling a COVID infection.

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