Child Burnout: Here’s how you can help your child deal with burnout


Remote learning can harm your child’s mental health if it is not regulated properly. People assume that if the kids are at home they are available 24*7. There is little to no balance between their personal life and school life.

Apart from the stress from school assignments and classwork, there is an added pressure of performing well in school, to prove it to us, to their peers and most importantly to themselves. Due to these extreme conditions, our children forget to take a break and take care of themselves.

If you are noticing that your child is more irritable, has changed sleep patterns, has loss of appetite, resistant against activities that used to interest them, has self-doubt and needs constant reassurance. There is a chance that they are facing burnout. This burnout can be due to a lot of reasons like:

  • Lack of personal space
  • Constant work
  • Lack of balance between their personal and school life

So, what do you do to help your child if they are struggling from burnout?

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