Brewing healthy tea and a safe workplace for women


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VIRUDHUNAGAR: Who said a healthy diet has to taste bad? 25-year-old Siva Priya was trying to avoid milk tea and black tea, but the only other common option — green tea — didn’t quite agree with her taste buds. So, instead of forcing the drink down, she decided to make a yummier alternative. And now, she even sells it.

The architect-turned-entrepreneur, backed by her women-run small-scale unit at Sivakasi, manufactures a special blend of tea packaged under the name ‘Fusion Fluids.’ It has immunity-boosting amla and fenugreek extracts mixed with raspberry flavour.

Siva Priya’s business story began as the first lockdown came into effect last year. She, her husband Vinith, and their families  — who were dabbling in construction and architecture — suddenly found themselves with little to no work. Prompted by her husband, Siva Priya searched for a new field to venture into.

“Initially, I was looking into furniture, but we then decided to produce tea that has multiple benefits,” she explained, adding that the tea they produce has no caffeine or added flavours and can be consumed by people of all age groups at any time of the day. While regular green tea is sold in the market for `6.5 per cup, the tea sold by Fusion Fluids costs Rs 5 per cup.

‘Women-run business empowers’
Siva Priya highlighted the need for empathetic women, who understand women’s daily struggles, to start their own businesses. She mentioned that this not only empowers them but also gives them a chance to uplift other women.

“In the unit, our women workers do the mixing, packaging and social media promotion as well,” Siva Priya explained.

A staff at the unit, bio-tech graduate Sakthi (24), told TNIE, “As I am interested in food technology, I have many opportunities to learn and grow here without any difficulties or intimidation.” Another staff added that the space felt safe because the boss is a woman who is equally concerned about their well-being and the business. Siva Priya pointed out that more women entrepreneurs would make the field a comfortable space for the workforce.

“When I worked as a staff, I had to handle a lot of pressure — taking care of a house and my job. Hence, I am aware of the way women multitask and their daily routines. I want to make things easier for them. So, there are no stringent rules and we are flexible to each others’ needs,” she said.

When I worked as a staff, I had to handle a lot of pressure — taking care of a house and my job. I am aware of the way women multitask  Siva Priya, entrepreneur 

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