Black Fungus, White Fungus & Yellow Fungus | Mucormycosis cases rising in India: People who are at risk of contracting black, white and yellow fungal infections


Over the past weeks, there has been a sharp rise in the number of fungal infections reported in India, which many feel is the newest epidemic we are facing.

Now, while mucormycosis, namely black and white fungal infections aren’t exactly rare or new disease in itself, the proportion of cases detected, high mortality rate and the short availability of antifungal medications is what makes the infection even scarier at a time like this when we are facing pressures of surging COVID-19 infections.

Now, mucormycosis may not hit every individual impactfully, but it can be quite serious and mortal for those suffering from health complications and comorbidities. People with compromised immunity, right now, are the most susceptible to the risks and complications associated with fungal infections, since their immune system may not be equipped enough to fight the pathogens. Particularly, there are some diseases and pre-existing complications which add to the risk right now, and demand utmost precaution and vigil:

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