Black Fungus in Kids: Are children susceptible to black fungus infection? Here’s what we know so far


Black fungus infection or mucormycosis is a rare fungal infection, which has been recently seen in severe COVID-19 patients. Experts suggest that patients who either have a compromised immunity or those who are diabetic are more likely to develop the black fungus infection. That said, as compared to adults, children are less likely to have diabetes or an immunocompromised immunity, which is why they are less prone to any form of fungal infection caused during COVID-19 infection.

However, recent reports have suggested rare cases of mucormycosis or black fungus infection in children. The first case of black fungus in a 13-year-old was detected in Gujarat, who as a matter of fact had recovered from COVID-19.

Recently, two other similar cases were reported in rural parts of Karnataka of which one was an 11 year old girl from Ballari district and 14 year old boy from Chitradurga. However, the health officials claim that the two children were suffering from Acute Juvenile Diabetes (AJD), as per reports.

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