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Beard care in summer – Times of India

Growing and maintaining a beard in this hot summer requires a lot of extra care since the constant sweating accumulates a lot of dirt and dust around it. This leads to your beard becoming harsher and weaker. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a beard in summer. All you need to do is to take out some time for it and show some extra care by properly washing and moisturizing it. We share some beard care ideas that will save the day for you.

1. Go for a regular trim

Trimming is one of the most important and healthiest ways to care for your beard in summer because the maintenance of stubble is easy, fast, and looks very stylish.

2. Oiling and scrubbing

Essential Oiling is also one of the weekly regimes to retain the shine and to avoid flakiness. You also need to scrub your beard twice a week to keep any type of bacteria away from your face.

3. Moisturise it well

Beard wash and moisturizer helps in achieving one’s beard goal and also help in keeping the same. It will help in detangling the beard easily without much fuss.

4. Increase your water intake

Eating right and drinking sufficient water are important. One should intake food that is rich in protein because it improves hair growth and provides nourishment to the skin in dry weather.

5. Apply sunscreen underneath your beard

Apply sunscreen on your beard because the harsh sun ray also breaks down hair cuticles thus making it dry and brittle. The application of sunscreen will not only protect your beard from damage but will also soften your hair and make it shinier.

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