Ayurvedic Water: Ayurveda-recommended way to store water


Earthen pots have air spaces that keep the water fresh and cool for hours. It helps in reducing acidity and skin problems. Not just this, water stored in an earthen pot improves vitality and strength.

Most of the food that we eat becomes acidic in the body and creates toxins. Clay is alkaline in nature, which interacts with acidic foods and provides an adequate pH balance. This helps in keeping the acidity and gastric related problems at bay.

This water is devoid of any kind of chemicals and thus drinking clay pot water helps in boosting metabolism. It’s best to drink water from a clay pot during this season as it’s gentle on the throat and has an ideal temperature that does not aggravate one’s cough and cold.

To make the pot more durable, soak it in water for an hour before using it for the first time.

If you are using an earthen pot for cooking, do not use them on high flame as that can break the utensil. No soap or chemical liquid should be used to wash the utensil. Use lemon and hot water to clean the pot.

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