66-year-old nurse from Mysuru comes back from retirement to help Covid patients


Express News Service

MYSURU: At 66, AS Geetha, a retired nurse, was leading a relaxed life. But for her, it did not last too long, as she plunged into action to serve the needy amid the ravaging second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.Seeing the plight of people dying without getting oxygen on time in villages of Kollegal and Hanur taluks in Chamarajanagar district, Geetha plunged into action to help deliver portable concentrators to the needy, besides helping patients to get nursed and also counsel their family members.

“Two of my acquaintances died without getting oxygen on time. When I was thinking how I could help such people, I was informed by my brother that Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) was delivering oxygen concentrators for patients and if I could help them…I readily joined them. I couldn’t help people financially… but serving people is part of my profession… so I decided to render my service this way,” she said.

She has turned her house into an oxygen concentrator bank and whenever she gets a call, she along with SVYM staff, visit remote villages like Ramapura, Bidarahalli and Vodeyarapaly—located over 100 km away— in an autorickshaw to deliver the supplies.When asked if she was not worried about contracting the virus, she said, “I am aware of the challenges and the risks involved. I ensure that all necessary precautionary measures are taken.

Everyone in my house is a senior citizen… my mother, who is 96, stays with me. Though there is fear, I have kept it aside to continue with my service,” says Geetha, who also highlights the contribution of Harish, an SVYM staffer, who is working on the ground with her.Meanwhile, appreciating Geetha for her service, S Praveen Kumar, chief strategy officer and head-education, SVYM, says her work is a great motivation for others who are working amid the pandemic. “This fight has been possible only because of countless untiring efforts of warriors like Geetha,” he concludes.

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