5 foods one must have everyday to remain disease free | The Times of India


Ginger is a multi-purpose ingredient as it is rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that may help ease digestion. Even though ginger can be used fresh, dried or powered, it is most effective when used fresh as it has higher gingerol levels which is effective in decreasing the risk of infections. Add chopped ginger into your evening tea to help strengthen your immunity and give it an added flavour. Non-tea lovers can substitute it with ginger water before going to bed. This may help give soothe your throat and provide relief from cold in winters.

Therefore, including these 5 easy foods in your everyday meals will ensure overall well-being by keeping a check on your digestion and strengthening your immunity. On a final note, make balanced eating a routine, because a family that eats healthy together, stay together! (image credits- istock)

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