24-year-old from Kerala throws 426 punches in 60 seconds, enters Guinness World Records


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KOCHI: Rafhan Ummer from Kozhikode recently entered the Guinness World Records for throwing the most full extension strikes on a punching pad. The 24-year-old from Kozhikode swung his fist an amazing 426 times in just 60 seconds, breaking the previous record set by the kickboxer and martial artist Pavel Trusov from Slovakia. His official count was 334.With over eight years of experience in Kung Fu and four in boxing, landing punches is already Rafhan’s cup of tea. 

“My friends noticed how fast I can punch. When I strike, I barely observe my speed, so they took a video and showed me. I heard about full extension punching from them,” says Rafhan. Before applying for the record, Rafhan recorded a 15-second video where he threw over 100 punches in a single go. “That is when we realised that I could break the world record,” he adds.

A professional fitness coach, Rafhan also bagged the India Book of Records five months ago for punching 414 times. A full-extension punch is when you extend your fist and retract it back fully. Keeping the pace and the power of punches intact for a whole minute, right from the beginning till the end was vital for claiming the record, says Rafhan. “There is no specific training for full extension punching.

Along with my daily workout sessions, I used to spare some time to practice it, especially to keep the pace and the power steady. My KungFu master Hamsakoya guided me,” he says. He practised for a month for the record. “Every time I throw a full extension punch, I make sure to not stop until the timer hits one minute,” says Rafhan.

Breath control is yet another important factor to consider while doing full extension punching exercises. “I have been practising breathing exercises, and meditation too. It wasn’t hard for me to achieve ample breath control as I have been exercising since school days,” says Rafhan.

On September 11, at Kozhikode Indoor Stadium, Rafhan set the world record in the presence of Ahmed Devarkovil, Minister of Ports; O Rajagopal, president of District Sports Council; Dr Beena Philip, Kozhikode Mayor; Thottathil Raveendran MLA, and boxing coaches Ramesh Kumar and Rajesh T.
For Rafhan, setting a new world record isn’t the ultimate goal. He aims to throw the most number of punches in a second next and thereby break his idol Bruce Lee’s previous record — nine punches in a second.

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