22-year-old girl travels two hours to donate blood to a pregnant lady


Express News Service

HYDERABAD: At a time Covid cases are rapidly increasing and most people have already locked themselves in their house, there are some, who are coming out, risking their lives only to save others. Meet one such person, the 22-year-old Ravali Thikka, who went out of her way and travelled for more than two hours to donate blood to a nine-month pregnant woman.

The nine-month pregnant woman, G Vajeera, was a victim of circumstances.  Things got complicated after her husband tested positive for the virus. “My wife, Vajeera (25) was not positive but due to some medical issues, the doctors said she needed blood. I reached out to blood banks, but they said it was not available. I called others but no one agreed.

When I was losing hope and was getting too scared for my child and wife, a reply to my WhatsApp status, asking for blood donation, came as a ray of hope,” said 26-year-old G Prashant. For Ravali, saving life was more important. “I saw the blood donation request and realised that I fit in all criteria and I immediately decided to travel to Mulugu,” she said.

“My parents were reluctant to let me go as they were scared for me to travel, especially at this time, but I was determined. So, I convinced my parents and took a public bus to reach Mulugu,” said Ravali, who donated blood for the first time.

Due to the pandemic, donors are few and far between. “People who have taken vaccination and have not completed 28 days cannot donate blood. This is why most blood banks are facing shortage,” said the President of Telangana Blood Bank society, S Sai. 

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