19-year-old Jharkhand girl pens book on home isolation, available on Amazon and Flipkart


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RANCHI: Nineteen-year-old Mansi Chaudhary, currently pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from St Xavier’s College in Ranchi, has put her experiences of the month long isolation at home in words — ‘One Month Story’ which has been published by Notion Press and is available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

According to Chaudhary, the book is all about her experiences and thoughts she had to undergo during that one month time after being detected with Covid. The book has been published both in English and Hindi.

The book includes some of her good and bad experiences which she had to face during that particular time. It is all about negative feelings which she was getting right after getting positive due to the confinement, which gradually started converting into positive ones as the time passed on.

Recalling the isolation days, Mansi said that she thought of writing her experiences in a diary as she could not express her emotions to anybody at that time.

“When I was given a separate room, I realized that despite having 18 family members at home, I was not able to meet anybody as I was confined to a single room without being allowed to talk to anyone. It was really a horrible experience as there is nothing to entertain you and you lose all interest in food after losing the taste and smell. You cannot talk to the people even when they are near to you, said Mansi. Then she thought, why not write daily happenings in a diary as there was no one around her to share her emotions to pass her time, she added.

Mansi further added that she has put all her experiences she faced during isolation in words, which has been published in her book.

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“I started writing the diary on the day to day happenings like how family members were not able to come near me, how the food was put before me from a distance, and all other minor details. I started it right from day 1 after I got into isolation on April 27, till I got recovered after a month. After my recovery, I found it interesting and thought why not try to get it published and sent the PDF copy to Notion Press, which agreed to publish the book. I had never thought in my wildest dream that it will ever get published,” said the young author.

According to Mansi, she also experienced that mobile phone, which has become an essential part of everybody’s life, also did not work at that time as you need to talk to the people one to one in order to express your feelings. Mansi’s parents, however, were unaware of it that she has been putting her heart into words which will ever get published in a form of book.

“It has really made us proud that my daughter’s book is getting published. I have been getting congratulatory phone calls from my family and friends. I have also been told by local administration that they will facilitate Mansi at the state level, once the Covid cases goes down,” said the proud father Ravindra Gupta.

Mansi was detected with Covid after her return to Gumla from Ranchi after writing her exams. She has an interest of writing since her childhood, and the quarantine period gave her an opportunity to put her experiences in words and get it published too, said Mansi’s father.

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