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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Films On Environment To Premiere In India At ALT EFF 2023 – News18

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: November 18, 2023, 10:30 IST

The films cover environmental issues.

The upcoming ALT EFF 2023 is set to feature two gripping documentary films supported by Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie includes— We Are Guardians and Path of the Panther.

Leonardo DiCaprio, renowned for his acting prowess, is also recognised for his dedication to environmental causes. He is often seen raising awareness about the severe implications of climate change on Earth. In an upcoming event, the All Living Things Environmental Film Festival (ALT EFF) 2023, two compelling documentary films supported by the Hollywood star and environmental activist will be featured. These films include We Are Guardians, directed by Chelsea Greene, Rob Groman, and Edivan Guajajara, and Path of the Panther, directed by Eric Bendick. Both documentaries are scheduled for their India premiere on December 1.

As per India Today, speaking about We Are Guardians, Chelsea said, “We Are Guardians is a story that needs to be heard. The state of the Amazon and the situation for Indigenous peoples in Brazil is extremely urgent. Truly, it’s a matter that concerns the whole world. It’s incredible to have Leonardo DiCaprio join our team. He has been a huge advocate for environmental and human rights issues throughout his life and an inspiration in the way he uses his worldwide platform to speak out about what’s happening. We hope with his help and support we can bring a lot more attention to the film and to the greater cause.”

The documentary by Chelsea, Rob Groman and Edivan Guajajara follows the journey of forest guardian Marcal Guajajara and activist Puyr Tembe, and their struggle against deforestation, illegal logging and the encroachment of their territories by extractive industries. Their commitment and ruthless efforts shed light on the challenges faced by those protecting our planet’s invaluable natural resources.

As per the information available on the ALT EFF 2023 website, Path of the Panther is an outcome of more than five years of comprehensive field research, encompassing the compilation of half a million still images and 800 hours of ultra HD camera trap footage. The documentary provides an unprecedented look at wild panthers in their natural habitat, offering a perspective never seen before. These elusive and endangered apex predators, considered among the rarest wild cats globally, will be showcased in the film, revealing their natural behaviours.

Leonardo DiCaprio has not only brought attention to the impacts of climate change through documentaries and speeches but has also addressed these issues in his various films. In his latest project, Killers of the Flower Moon, the movie unfolds a compelling narrative set in the 1920s. The film delves into a series of brutal crimes that occurred when a tribe became prosperous due to the discovery of oil on its land, only to fall victim to a string of unsolved murders.

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