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Laughter therapy can combat mood swings: Expert shares insights

Laughter therapy is the type of therapy that uses humour to relief symptoms of pain and chronic illnesses. This involves laughter exercises, clowns, and comedy movies, books, games, and puzzles and helps people to cope with stress, anxiety and serious diseases. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Deepak Mittal, Founder and Yoga Expert, Divine Soul Yoga said, “Laughter therapy believes that voluntary laughter provides the same psychological and physiological benefits compared to spontaneous laughter. Science says that whether our laughter is real or fake it has an equal and positive effect on our body. The body can’t distinguish between real and fake laughter. Therefore, voluntary laughter which is like fake it till you make it cannot only help us achieve real laughter but also gives us all the positive benefits. It becomes easier for a person when he/she gets into the group. For those who are a bit inhibitive, it might be a bit difficult in the beginning but once they grasp the concept, they willingly join the happy banter and their mood becomes electrifying.”

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Speaking of the benefits of a good laugh, Deepak Mittal further added, “A good laugh can reduce stress hormones in the body like epinephrine (adrenaline), cortisol, growth hormone and more. Other than that, laughter increases anti-body-producing cells in the body and enhances the effectiveness of T-cells. The overall effect is lower stress levels and better immunity.”

Deepak Mittal also noted down the health benefits of laughter therapy and how it can help in combating mood swings. Take a look:

Stimulate organs: This therapy helps in enhancing the intake of oxygen, stimulating the muscles lungs and heart and increasing the release of endorphins by the brain. It also helps in boosting blood circulation, which further helps in defending heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce stress hormones: Stress hormones such as epinephrine (adrenaline), cortisol, growth hormone can be reduced by laughter therapy. It also helps in increasing antibody-producing cells in the body and enhancing the effectiveness of T-cells.

Elevates mood: “Chronic illness over a period of years can push a person into depression and anxiety. That’s where laughter therapy can make a difference by reducing depression, stress and anxiety as well as improving self-esteem. If a person is going through stress, guilt or anger laughter can take away your focus from the negative emotion and uplift the mood,” said Deepak Mittal.

Alleviates pain: Laughter releases endorphins in the body that eases muscular tension; hence, this helps in reducing pain and stress.

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