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Karthavyam actor Vijayashanti says KCR most corrupt; ‘Why BJP didn’t send ED, CBI?’

Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao is the most corrupt politician according to the BJP but the BJP did not take any action against KCR because they have been together, actor-turned-politician Vijayshanti said on Saturday explaining why she decided to switch to the Congress ahead of the crucial Telangana election. “I have joined the Congress because BJP and TRS (BRS) came together. BJP top leaders come to Telangana and always say KCR is corrupt, his daughter is in a liquor scam, it is family party. But then they go back to Delhi…there are raids on so many other leaders but no ED, CBI came to KCR,” the Karthavyam actor said.

Actor Vijayashanti has switched from the BJP to the Congress ahead of the Telangana assembly election on November 30.

Vijayashanti joining the Congress is a homecoming for the veteran Telugu actor. “KCR should be put behind bars,” the actor said as she was appointed the chief coordinator of the campaign and planning committee for election. “BJP removed Bandi Sanjay Kumar because Sanjay was against KCR. Four months before the election, the party took this decision. This is not fair. BJP spoilt their own party after they removed Mr Sanjay. We are not responsible for the disaster that BJP became in Telangana,” Vijayashanti said.

Vijayashanti, a party-hopper

The actor hopped all parties including the erstwhile TRS. She started her political career with the BJP in 1997. Vijayashanti joined the TRS and the Telangana movement. In 2009, she became an MP from the erstwhile TRS. Just before Telangana was born in 2015, she joined the Congress party in 2014. In 2019, Vijayashanti triggered a controversy when she said PM Modi was ruling like a dictator. A year later, she resigned from the Congress and joined the BJP.

Vijayashanti films

Vijayashanti has worked in several Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam films. She won the National Film Award for Best Actress for her work as a female cop in Kartavyam. Vijayashanti worked opposite Anil Kapoor in the films ‘Eeshwar’ and ‘Apradhi’ and also with Dharmendra in the film ‘Gundagardi’.

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