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iPhone 14 Pro Review: One Year Later, 5 Things Apple Must Improve In iPhone 15 Pro – News18

Apple is about to launch the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series but there’s no denying that the 2022 iPhone 14 series will continue to attract a lot of new buyers, especially with the festive discounts around the corner. The Pro series has always been about better cameras, performance and supposedly better battery life. Now, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was my daily driver before I had shifted to the iPhone 14 Pro and I’m using the iPhone 14 Pro for nearly one a year now. While the shift from iPhone 13 Pro Max to iPhone 14 Pro should ideally be a huge upgrade, there are few things that remain the same and I wish to see some real improvements in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Apple introduced a new pill-shaped selfie camera ‘notch’ with the iPhone 14 Pro series called the Dynamic Island. A lot of initial reviews were all about hyping this Dynamic Island. But I can confidently say that after using the iPhone 14 Pro for nearly a year, I no longer feel that “Dynamic Island” is that of a big deal. Of course, there are many apps like Swiggy, Spotify, Uber and others that make the Dynamic Island look cool along with Apple’s native iOS apps, but after a few months of usage, you will simply start to ignore it. One of the reasons is that the screen estate remains mostly the same when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro series that has the wide notch while playing games or watching content.

Dynamic Island is, without doubt, a good software innovation with the shape-shifting UI and Apple will continue with it on the iPhone 15 Pro series as well but it is definitely something you will not want to talk about this September.

Now, moving beyond the Dynamic Island, a lot of you will be looking to buy a discounted iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 14 Pro Max as the new iPhone 15 Pro series may be out of budget for many Indian buyers. Buying the iPhone 14 Pro series is perfectly a wise choice to make for budget-conscious Indian consumers after the launch of iPhone 15 series, simply because the prices in India are among the highest for new Apple products due to government tariffs and duties.

The iPhone 14 Pro gets all the latest software updates and it works as good as new even after using it for a year in terms of performance but the battery life is a mixed bag. Having said that, iPhones do offer the best resale value in India compared to Android phones. Here are five things we want Apple to change with the iPhone 15 Pro series.

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If budget is not the concern, then buying the iPhone 14 Pro Max makes more sense than the iPhone 14 Pro. After all, you do get a bigger screen, which can have an impact on the battery life and battery health. Personally speaking, when I shifted from iPhone 13 Pro Max (after 1 year) to the iPhone 14 Pro, the battery health of iPhone 13 Pro Max was 98%. However, after using the iPhone 14 Pro for 1 year, battery health is down to 89% and I have to charge the device at least twice on a busy day. This is not an isolated situation. In fact, it’s a general opinion now that the iPhone Pro Max models offer better battery life and battery health compared to the Pro models on prolonged usage. This is something Apple really needs to work on. It is understandable that the iPhone 14 Pro has a smaller screen and hence a smaller battery but why should the battery health deteriorate quickly compared to the Pro Max? We can only hope that the iPhone 15 Pro series models offer similar battery health.

To add to that, can we expect Apple to offer faster charging speeds both wireless and wired? While the argument that a faster charger affects the battery lifespan is true, Apple needs to find some innovation to help Pro users at least get a quicker charging time when required. Also, wireless charging speeds are really very slow and makes it almost ineffective.

Comparing the Face ID performance of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro, in terms of real life usage, nothing much has changed. It is not the quickest if you are laying down or want to look at the iPhone with sleepy eyes. But what’s really irritating is that if you use Face ID as a biometric lock for apps like WhatsApp, Paytm, banking apps and others, it takes a considerable amount of time to unlock these apps. There’s a good waiting time of around 2 seconds for any iOS app to unlock using the Face ID. Now, we don’t know how Apple is improving things with the iPhone 15 Pro series but we really hope Apple has a better Face ID experience in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

The iPhone 14 Pro is a good camera upgrade over the iPhone 13 Pro models in almost every aspect. But there are few areas that need massive improvements, which, for starters, the new iPhone 15 series should at least offer a better wide angle sensor. At present, there’s a huge difference in the image quality between a photo that is clicked using the primary sensor versus the wide angle sensor in terms of colours, clarity and details. We can only hope to see Apple improving the wide angle sensor on the iPhone 15 Pro series.

Not to forget, the new 48MP sensor needs to be explored further and Apple should look at unlocking some core photo features that are only reserved for RAW mode. If you don’t use the RAW mode much, you are mostly stuck with 12MP photos that are too sharp at times.

Talking about selfies, in 2023, the front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro appears very basic with limited capabilities in terms of both videos and photos when compared to flagships from Android.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max or the 13 Pro Max are huge bulky devices but the smaller iPhone 14 Pro is not something lightweight either. Over the years, the Pro versions of latest iPhones have simply become bulkier. With iPhone 14 Pro featuring a bigger camera bump, the device overall has slightly gained some weight compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. We can only hope that the iPhone 15 Pro series gets compact and lightweight.

The native iOS keyboard on the iPhone still needs to be improved a lot. The key accuracy hasn’t changed much and it is sometimes a nightmare to type long texts on the compact screen of the iPhone 14 Pro. While the keyboard issue is not restricted just to the iPhone 14 Pro, if someone is looking to spend over Rs 1 lakh on the new iPhone 15 Pro, then the least they can expect is a better native keyboard.

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