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International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga sequence for tension relief in Cranky backs

International Yoga Day 2022: The pandemic has made us bring our offices to our homes. This had further led to years of hours of sitting in the same position with our laptops. Sitting in one place for a prolonged time affects the mobility of the back. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Fitness Expert Meenakshi Mohanty said, “Sitting in front of our laptops slumped up on our couches and beds for months on a stretch can make your back feel sore, leading to aching backs. This has become one of the most common health repercussions associated with this pandemic, considering the continuous work from home situation. While many of us continue to live with back pain, the consequences cannot be good. It not only disrupts our everyday lives but also holds us back from doing the things we enjoy.”

Meenakshi Mohanty further noted down a yoga sequence that can help the body relieve of back pains. “Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, with your neck and back straight. Ensure your spine is as tall as possible and shoulder and hips are tucked in. Breathe deeply and hold this position for five minutes,” said the expert. Take a look:

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Dangling: This yoga asana helps in increasing the flexibility of the hamstrings and decompressing the spine. It also helps in massaging the organs for the digestive system and stimulating the urinary bladder.

Bent-knee Twist: This helps in easing the stiffness of the lower back and realigning the spine. Practising this asana also helps in loosening the knees and the hips, and massaging the abdominal organs.

Supported Sphinx: This yoga asana helps in stabilising the shoulders and strengthening the back muscles. It also helps in lengthening the abdominal wall.

Caterpillar: This yoga asana helps in stretching the spine and the hamstrings. It also helps in stimulating the kidneys and the adrenal glands. Stimulating the urinary bladder and massaging the abdominal glands are also some of the benefits of practising this yoga asana.

Cow and cat with lateral bends: This helps in improving blood circulation in the spine and relieving back pain and stress. It also helps in improving focus and coordination.

Supported Fish: This helps in stretching the muscles of the chest, shoulders, abdominals and neck. It also helps in improving posture and stretching the organs of the belly and throat.

Cat Tail: This helps in reducing tension in the hips and the lower back. It also helps in focusing on the upper hamstrings and upper quadriceps muscles.

Twisted Root: This helps in releasing tension in spine, lower back, and neck. It also helps in stretching the oblique, glutes, hips, and IT band. Practising Twisted root also helps in massaging digestive organs and opening the chest.

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