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International Yoga Day 2022: ‘Just start,’ says Malaika Arora

International Yoga Day 2022: The special day is here. Every year, on June 21, International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness on the many benefits of practising yoga. Yoga’s health benefits are manifold – from stretching and strengthening the muscles of the body to boosting blood circulation and digestion to improving the posture and the flexibility of the body, yoga is recommended to be practised every day by fitness experts.

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Many Bollywood personalities swear by the benefits of yoga. Malaika Arora is one of them who believes that yoga has changed her life, for better. Malaika, on multiple occasions, has been spotted speaking on the rough patch that she was going through in life when she took to yoga. And since then, yoga has been the way oof life for her. Malaika, on international yoga Day, urged her fans to start the process of embracing yoga into the daily life. The actor shared a video in which she can be seen performing multiple yoga asanas. The actor, in the video, can be seen saying – “Do yoga or don’t do yoga. Believe us or don’t believe us. Breathe or don’t breathe. Take care of your mental health or don’t. All we ask you is to start.” She also wished “Happy International Day of Yoga” to her Instagram family. “For me, it’s another day. For me, this is a way of life,” further added Malaika in the caption.

Practising yoga on a daily basis helps in improving strength, balance and flexibility of the body. It also helps in benefitting the cardiovascular health and relaxing the body and the mind, thereby helping in coping with stress and anxiety. Incorporating yoga in the daily fitness routine also helps in easing arthritis symptoms and relieving the body of back pain.

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