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International Day of Yoga 2022: Here’s how Yoga is therapeutic for diabetes patients

For diabetics, controlling mental stress is the key to managing your diabetes and several pieces of research have shown that Yoga is a cost-effective and a promising option in the treatment and prevention of diabetes as it helps in reducing the stress levels that result in a positive effect on blood glucose control, which is what we are going to discuss ahead of International Day of Yoga 2022. Asanas and Pranayama have been especially discovered to be beneficial for people having diabetes. 

High sugar levels increase your chances of serious health complications such as heart disease hence, they should be avoided at all costs. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases and a growing challenge worldwide given that according to the International Diabetes Federation, there are around 537 million people living with diabetes today – a number that is expected to grow to 700 million by 2045. 

Health experts insist that regular practice of Yoga can be beneficial in reversing the effects of diabetes. With the numerous benefits that Yoga entails, there has been an ever-increasing majority of people following this practice as it can help you improve your balance, flexibility and strength and most importantly, it is also beneficial for people with chronic conditions.

Doctors suggest their patients dealing with diseases like diabetes should practice various asanas along with regular check-ups as extensive research has explored that there are several, cellular and neuromuscular parameters related to yoga that can help a person with diabetes. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Ruchi Khosla, Yoga Therapist and Breathwork Coach at BeatO, shared “Yoga can be used as an everyday practice to manage diabetes and other health conditions. With the help of specific asanas, Pranayama and meditation, you can bring your sugar levels within the controlled range.”

As we celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21 this year, take a look at the health benefits of making Yoga a daily practice, especially for people with diabetes. 

Benefits of Practising Yoga on an Everyday Basis

Ruchi Khosla said, “Intensive workouts like gymming involve strenuous exercises, which may be stressful for people in old age. On the other hand, Yoga is also suitable for all ages. It is especially important for people having diabetes. It is effective in reversing diabetes and also prevents the disease from aggravating.” She listed other benefits of Yoga –

1. Complete exercise of nuscles – Yoga also helps in increasing the glucose uptake by muscular cells which results in complete exercising of the muscles. This results in low blood sugar levels and improved blood circulation resulting in a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

2. Weight loss – Obesity is one of the major reasons for developing Type 2 Diabetes. It is proven that yoga can help you in managing your weight control. Weight Management is crucial to protect yourself against type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

3. Improved mental health – Practising yoga on an everyday basis can increase your concentration, help you focus, and provide you with the right mental approach to deal with diabetes

4. Helps in dietary management – Yoga’s role in dietary management for diabetes has been advocated by several health practitioners. Practices like Pranayama, Sudarshan Kirya, and Surya Namaskar improve medication adherence and lead to self-awareness, reflection, and an optimistic attitude towards change.

According to research, cleansing practices under Yoga such as Kapalbhati (frontal brain purification), Agnisar kriya (stimulating the digestive fire), Vaman dhauti (stomach cleansing), full shankhaprakshalana (intestine cleansing) are effective in the management of diabetes. This year’s International Yoga Day theme—‘Yoga for Humanity’ focuses on the role of Yoga in reducing the sufferings of humanity. 

Let’s make this the mantra of living a healthy life and keeping complications like diabetes at bay.

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