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India read the riot act to the Canadian NSA during the G-20 summit

Days after chief of proscribed Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) Hardeep Singh Nijjar was gunned down by unidentified men in Vancouver on June 18, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar went on record stating that rise of so-called Khalistan politics was driven by “vote bank politics” in Canada.

PM Modi rejected all the unsubstantiated allegations of interference made by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during the G-20 summit.

During the G-20 summit, the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval engaged his Australian, UK and Canadian counterparts over the rise of Sikh fundamentalism and violence against Indian assets in their respective countries. It is understood that the Australian NSA and the UK NSA reacted positively to Indian concerns but the Canadian NSA was unfazed as the New Democratic party of Khalistan supporter Jagmeet Singh supports the minority Justin Trudeau government. It was quite evident from the NSA level meetings that the Canadian government was under pressure from Khalistan supporters and would do little to help the Indian cause. This was despite the fact that Khalistan supporters with the help of US based Sikhs For Justice, proscribed under UAPA, were openly threatening to assassinate Indian top diplomats posted in Canada with photographs of the Indian Ambassador and two Consul Generals splashed on posters and a reward on their heads.

Instead of taking on the Khalistan radicals, drug runners and gangsters from Punjab taking shelter in Canada either under fake Portuguese passports or cooking up stories of political discrimination of Sikhs in India, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday came out openly in support of the radicals by blaming unidentified Indian agents for being involved in the killing of terrorist Nijjar outside a radical place of worship in Surrey, Vancouver. Trudeau, playing to the Sikh separatists gallery, also decided to expel the Indian diplomat who was posted under official cover in Ottawa and then also committed an undiplomatic act by naming him. The Modi government retaliated today by expelling Olivier Sylvestere, the Canadian intelligence chief in India, and asked him to leave the country in the next five days.

While Trudeau accuses India of interfering in internal affairs, he is blind to Canada based gangster Arsh Dalla, who took responsibility for gunning down Congress leader and Ajitwal block president Baljinder Singh Balli in Moga district of Punjab on Monday. Fact is that Trudeau is playing politics with India by taking no action against those openly targeting Indian diplomats and diaspora in Canada in the name of freedom of speech. Consider this:

· Killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar was a proclaimed terrorist who had no less than 10 cases registered against him in India. He had a red corner notice issued by Interpol against him and was a mentor of Canada based gangsters Arshdeep Singh, Rinku Bihla and Goldy Brar. He along with Australia based Gurjant Singh and Pakistan based Lakhbir Singh Rode were involved in contract killings in Punjab and illegal smuggling of weapons to India.

· No less than 37 FIRs have been registered by state police against Arshdeep Singh Dalla, who escaped to Surrey in Canada on July 8, 2020 on a passport issued in Jalandhar. Although still holding an Indian passport, Dalla openly threatens Indians in Punjab and in Canada while living with a wife and daughter in Surrey. He is affiliated to Khalistan Tiger Force and is an international gangster with terror links.

· Gangster and mafia don Satinderjit Singh Brar alias Goldy Brar went to Canada on an Indian passport on August 15, 2017. He is an active member of Lawrence Bishnoi gang with no less than 13 FIRs for murders, attempted murders and weapon smuggling registered against him in India. He has a red corner notice from Interpol in his name and has an arrest warrant in his name.

Others in this list of Canada based gangsters, murderers and weapon smugglers are : Ontario based Snover Dhillion, British Columbia based Ramandeep Singh with seven FIRs, Ontario based Gurjit Singh Cheema of proscribed International Sikh Youth Federation and Khalistan Liberation Front with Red Corner Notice against him, Ontario based Gurjinder Singh Pannu of ISYF/KLF with a red corner notice against him, Surrey based Gurpreet Singh of ISYF/KLF with arms act case and a red corner notice, Ontario based Tehal Singh with two FIRs and a Red Corner Notice, Surrey based Malkeet Singh Fauji of ISYF with a FIR and a Red Corner Notice against him, British Columbia based Manvir Singh Duhra with an FIR against him. The list goes on to at least 23 such gangsters/terrorists and arms smugglers who are under protection of the Trudeau regime despite the entire list being brought to notice of Canadian intelligence agencies and the foreign ministry. It is Justin Trudeau’s Canada that should be in the dock for interference against India and not the other way round.

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