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IIM Rohtak celebrates 15th Foundation Day, reflects on achievements so far

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Rohtak celebrated its 15th Foundation Day on Thursday (November 16).

IIM Rohtak celebrates 15th Foundation Day

According to a press release, as part of the celebrations, the institution reflected on the achievements of the director, faculty, and students who have excelled in their respective professional domains. Additionally, the Institute took note of research and program accomplishments from the previous year.

Sanjeev Kaushal, Chief Secretary, Haryana was the chief guest, while Brig Dr. Arvind Lal, Chairperson and Managing Director, Dr. Lal Path Labs was present as the guest of honour. The program began by highlighting some key aspects of various programs offered by the institute. Emphasis was also given to the achievements of institutional members in the domains of research, consulting, and other areas.

Addressing the gathering, Brig. Dr. Arvind Lal highlighted the achievements of Dr. Lal Path Labs in the healthcare landscape and stressed the technological achievements of the organization such as introducing AI for genetic profiling and being the first private lab to have been approached by the ICMR during the COVID-19 pandemic for RT-PCR tests.

Dr. Lal also emphasized the importance of timely diagnosis as he explained how regular mammogram tests for women aged 35 and above help identify BRCA1 genes and facilitate early detection of breast cancer.

Haryana Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal lauded IIM Rohtak for emerging as a global educational leader and providing quality education to an increasing number of deserving students. He said, “The institute embodies the idea of Mahatma Gandhi by fusing modern management ideas with timeless knowledge from ancient scriptures.”

Kaushal also highlighted the pivotal role of the institute in contributing to Haryana’s growth by training public servants and enhancing governance.

IIM Rohtak Director Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, in his concluding remarks, emphasized on the crucial role of purpose in enabling achievement and noted the challenge of finding purpose amidst the abundance of available knowledge.

For more information on IIM Rohtak, visit the official website.

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