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HT This Day: June 26, 1929 — Meerut conspiracy case reopens

AFTER a recess of 10 days the Meerut Conspiracy case main came up for hearing to-day before Mr R. Milner White, Special Magistrate, Meerut. Pandit Moti Lal Nehru was present among the defence counsels and gave instructions from time to time. Most of the accused wore the badge of the Communist International.

Mr Chagla raised the objection that some articles in the “Times of India” and the Evening News” prejudiced the defence case. Mr. Sinha objected to the Viceroy’s speech wherein the Viceroy had said that Government was convinced that there was a deep-laid Bolshevik conspiracy in India and justified the Meerut trial.

THE Magistrate ruled that there was not much to be complained in die Viceroy’s speech. He did not like to take any action against the newspapers referred to but hoped the press would be careful in, publishing anything in future which had direct reference to the case.

MR. Langford James continuing his address dealt with Communist tactics and history of the alleged conspiracy Quoting Spratt, he said the alleged conspiracy was “ on Moscow road, for Moscow reasons, with Moscow minds.”

HE next referred to the activities of the British Communist Party to convert Indian students abroad to Communistic views. He referred to Mr. Spratt as the last of the three Communist emissaries sent to India.

With the -court-room filled with visitors, press reporters, lawyers and accused, the hearing of the Meant Conspiracy case was resumed this morning before Mr. R. Milner White, Special Magistrate, at the Garden House. The case came up for hearing this morning after full ten days’ recess.

Mr. Langford James instructed by Mr. I.P. Mitter appeared for the prosecution, the accused were defended by only those lawyers who had been defending them for the last two days only. Mr. K.F. Nariman of Bombay however, was absent. There was a new addition to the defence lawyers, Dewan Chaman Lall having appeared for accused Jhabwala of Bombay, who was already being defended by his brother, who is a Bombay counsel.

Pandit Motilal Nehru was present in the court. He came to Hapur this morning from Allahabad by train from where he motored to Meerut court direct, so that he might reach the court in time. Panditji sat along with the defence lawyers and gave some instructions on occasions. Lab Girdharilal also came from Delhi and was present in the court Mrs. Suhashini Nimbiar also attended the court.


The number of aroused was thirty-two today, the new and thirty second recruit being Mr. Hutchinson, who had been arrested at Nagpur recently. There were one European and an Indian lady present in the court. Accused were brought in motor buses from jail and they entered the court with cries of “Down with Imperialism”, “Long Live Revolution” etc. They all looked quite cheerful and each of them had a badge of the Communist International on his person.

At the outset of today’s proceedings Mr Chagla, defence counsel, sought the protection of the court on behalf of the accused stating that “Evening News “ and the ‘ Times of India “ had published certain articles which prejudiced the case of the accused. He took particular objection to the statement affecting Mr. Hutchinson who was recently arrested and carried on the policy of the newspaper, the Spark, which before his arrest was edited by Mr. Desai. He continued that Mr. Hutchinson edited the paper “ New Spark “ under new declaration filed in the Court of the Chief Presidency Magistrate. Prosecution has yet to establish that Mr. Hutchinson was merely carrying on the policy left incomplete by Mr. Desai accused owing to his arrest. He then referred to the court the portion of his speech made by the President of the Millowners’ Assaiation published in these two papers and objected the portions – of that speech, which referred to red menace behind the Bombay strikes.

The Court: Apart from the question of jurisdiction, how can you stop any and every person from carrying on anti-communist propaganda.

Mr. Sinha. another defence come objected to an article published in the “Times of India” purporting to have written by N. M. D. He submitted if this “sort of propaganda was allowed to go on, it will be impossible to find assessors who would give fair verdict after reading these kind of publications. During this time consultation were going on between Pt.. Motilal Nehru and the defence a counsel.

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