Yasmin Karachiwala’s Healthy Fruit Sorbet Is The Frozen Sweet Treat You Need To Try


Ice cream from the longest time has enjoyed the status of the go-to dessert. However, fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala shared her healthy and vegan recipe for a delicious frozen treat. Yasmin posted a video on her Instagram timeline showcasing how to make a refreshing fruit sorbet. Sorbet is also known as ‘Italian ice’ and is traditionally made using water, sugar, and fruit puree. Yasmin’s recipe gives a healthy sugar-free twist to the traditional sorbet. She wrote in the caption, “Whipped up in just a few minutes, this refreshing fruity treat is healthy and vegan and makes a great snack for kids too.”

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Yasmin made the sorbet using watermelon and banana. Talking about the dish, she said, “It’s fresh, light, hydrating and the banana gives it a creamy texture which will cool you down on these last hot days of summer.” 

To make this watermelon and banana sorbet you will need the following ingredients:

1) 200 gms frozen watermelon

2)  100 gms frozen banana

3)  a few sprigs of basil 

4)  optional: you can add a few drops of lemon 

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In a blender, add the frozen slices of watermelon and banana. Add a few sprigs of basil leaves and lemon juice and blend the mixture. Once blended, pour the puree into a dish or container and freeze the puree for 5 hours. Scoop, serve, and enjoy the healthy dessert. 

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