World Chocolate Day 2021: Jumpstart Chocolate Day Celebrations With This 5-Min Easy Dessert


Ah, Chocolates! You can’t live without them, but you certainly can live with them. Chocolates are an instant crowd pleaser! Have you noticed how no big occasion is complete without some chocolaty goodness? Kids and adults equally love it, and it sure helps that it comes in so many forms – cake, ice-creams, cookies, pancakes. There is nothing that chocolate can’t solve, a chilled chocolate ice cream after a tiring day feels like all the rewards that you need, hot chocolate on a winter morning wraps us in its flavours like a warm fuzzy blanket and a fight between two siblings has never gone further than the moment when chocolate is exchanged. This proves that chocolate is indeed the food of gods.

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On this World chocolate day, we won’t keep you waiting anymore and give you just what you came for right away, a quick chocolate dessert recipe that is surely going to make you regret not making it for all these years – Chocolate Marzipan. Marzipan is often considered a difficult thing to make but let us clear it out for you, it definitely is not. This gooey chocolate marzipan is going to restore your faith that whenever you add chocolate, everything turns heavenly!

Chocolate makes everything taste heavenly!

Chocolate Marzipan is a sweet confection made with almond meal and honey, according to the availability you can switch almonds to cashews as well. We will be adding cocoa powder to our marzipan and make it the best dish to jumpstart the chocolate day celebrations!

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How to make Chocolate Marzipan :

Take a cup of almond, add powdered sugar, coco powder and grind to a fine powder. To this add corn syrup, drops of vanilla essence and some water. Knead a soft dough, wrap and let it chill in the fridge. Once chilled, make tiny balls out of it and your chocolate marzipan is ready to be devoured.

Pro-tip: Roll the tiny balls in shredded coconuts or sprinkle some coco powder on top and enjoy the perfect crunchy gooey chocolate dessert that there is! For the detailed recipe, click here.

The best part is that this tiny chocolaty goodness can be stored up to a week in your fridge, but given how addicting it is, we highly doubt it will last more than an hour on your plates! Let us know what you think about this dessert in the comments below.

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