Wondering What To Whip Up For A Weekend Dinner? 5 Quick And Easy Recipes For You


Are you missing the weekend outings? And the time when you could freely roam around and chill with friends? Yes, things might have changed due to the pandemic. But just because you can no longer step outside for fun dinners does not mean that the weekend food pleasure is gone. On a Saturday night, if you want to give your taste-buds a yummilicious experience, then we’ve got you covered. Here we have curated some of the finest and easy-to-cook dinner recipes to make the weekend a bit special. Take a look at these hearty and wholesome recipes that are perfect for a weekend dinner:

1) Keema Biryani:

Cooking biryani is a rather elaborate affair, however, this recipe is quick and easy, and the best part? It does not compromise on that delicious rich biryani flavour. Tender mutton mince spiced with an aromatic blend of pungent spices topped with crunchy slivers of dry fruits and refreshing rose water.

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2) Dum Aloo Lakhnavi:

This recipe is a hearty one with deep-fried potatoes stuffed with creamy paneer and cooked in a deliciously sweet and tangy tomato gravy spiced with a blend of desi masalas. 

3) Goan Prawn Curry:

Who can resist a delicious bowl of tangy raw mango-infused sweet coconut milk curry? This drool-worthy recipe is food for the soul.

4) Paneer Makhanwala:

Delicious melt-in-your-mouth creamy paneer mixed in a rich buttery sweet and tangy tomato and onion gravy topped with cream. Lip-smackingly good, isn’t it? Check out the recipe here.

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paneer makhani

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5) Kashmiri Rajma:

Yummy mellow kidney beans in a tomato gravy spiced with flavourful Kashmiri masalas. A delicious twist on your regular rajma gravy. A wholesome weekend dinner for sure. Take a look.

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