Woman Caught Eating Food With Hands At Wedding – Video Will Leave You In Splits


Weddings were a major event to look forward to in the pre-COVID era, especially for foodies. The celebratory feast that accompanied every ceremony was indeed a gastronomic delight. With rows and rows of exciting dishes – from appetisers to drinks and main course to desserts – wedding guests were spoilt for choice. However, one irksome part of the wedding feast would be the photographers and videographers. They would try their best to capture the guests enjoying the food, much to the guests’ annoyance. Recently, a video along these lines showed how a woman was caught eating with hands at a wedding. What she did next will leave you in splits! Watch the video here:

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The video was shared on Instagram reels by user @official_niranjanm87. It received over 62.5k views and 2.2k likes since the time it was shared. In the short video, we can see a newly married lady digging into some biryani at a wedding. She is eating with her hands, and just as she is about to put a bite into her mouth, she notices the videographer filming her. She lets go of the bite and switches to eating with a spoon instead.

The hilarious video was too relatable for Instagram users, who had faced a similar situation at a wedding. Many users said that the cameraman should have let her eat in peace. “Camera ke upar haath mal dena chahiye tha (you should have smeared your hands on the camera),” suggested one user. Others wanted to know why the practice of eating with hands was considered shameful or embarrassing in the first place.

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