With Variety In Food And Lively Experience, Coco Curry Will Become Your Next Go-To Family Restaurant


As Indians, we love variety in our food. Whether you have North Indian, South Indian or continental- we always wish to find diversity in the menu cards. So, if you are also looking for the same variety, then Coco Curry, House Of Flavours is a must-visit restaurant. Set in the heart of Gurgaon, Coco Curry aims to give you a wholesome experience through its hospitality and delicious food. The warm, friendly, and lively interiors of the place instantly give you a family restaurant vibe, where you can comfortably sit with everyone and enjoy to your heart’s content.

According to their Group General Manager, Vikram Singh Pawar, “Coco curry has a range from authentic southern delicacies to northern flavours, including exotic Chinese and Italian cuisine catering to satisfy your food cravings at one place.”

To experience the taste offered by them, we visited the restaurant recently. And let us tell you, the items on the menu were something that you would love to devour on. Whether you want a tandoori flavour, a creamy, rich curry, a wafer-like dosa or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, they have got it all!

Starting with a welcome drink, we were offered some rasam that had a refreshing taste. Then our meal at Coco Curry was all things tandoori. Setting up a tandoori platter, this had a little bit of all their smokey dishes. The sweet and soft malai paneer tikka marinated with cashew paste and malai hits you with a taste you have never had before. But if you like to have spicy paneer tikka, then the lip-smacking flavour of achari paneer tikka does the work! For the tandoori aloo, the crispy texture covered with sesame seeds and filled with delicious stuffing gives you a burst of taste in the first bite. Both their tandoori aloo and mushroom tikka were filled with unique in-house made masalas to give you that extra kick in flavour. Lastly, for the seekh kebab and Hara bhara kebab, the soft and melt-in-mouth taste is best paired with their green chutney.

Tandoori Platter at Coco Curry 

Next, we tried their special masala vegetable idli, sambhar with coconut chutney, tomato chutney and green chutney. Tossed in tangy tomato, onions and ghee- these idlis have a light and flavour, unlike any idli you have had.


Tasty Masala Vegetable Idli

In continental food, we had a yummy bowl of noodles that was filled with spicy flavours and tossed in tons of vegetables!


As for the drinks, we were offered a fruit punch and warm Nutella hot chocolate. The fruity punch has a refreshing and creamy taste, whereas the Nutella hot chocolate is the best to have when looking for something comforting and rich in taste. Lastly, we ended our meal with a decadent chocolate sizzler.

ibv2dmn8Chocolate Sizzler at the restaurant

“We want to give our customers a lively experience. From ambience, décor to food, we want our customers to come back. Keeping that in mind we have kept nominal pricing and want to give value for money to the customers.” Says Chain Singh Pawar, Operations Manager at the restaurant.

So, next time you are looking to take your family for a delicious meal, Coco Curry is a must-visit! People of all ages will surely love the fulfilling and delicious flavours offered by the restaurant.

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