With This Cafe Mocha Recipe, Make A Great Start To Monsoon Mornings


With monsoon already making its presence felt in parts of the country, what we now long for is a finely brewed cup of coffee on our balcony along with some hot and crunchy pakodas. A cup of coffee is good enough to refresh us as the cool monsoon breeze forces us to lay back a little while more. Keeping this in mind, celebrity chef Saransh Goila has shared the recipe of a “comforting” cup of coffee. Named Cafe Mocha or Mocaccino, it is a chocolate flavoured coffee usually served in a glass. The beverage derives its name from the city of Mocha in Yemen, which was one of the centres of early coffee trade.

In the caption of the Instagram post, chef Goila urged people to not make excuses and just make coffee. “All it takes is a good dark chocolate + fresh roasted coffee shot + sea salt + milk + frother (or froth it desi style with a blender or a filter kaapi style). No fuss, just make it,” he said. Take a look at the video:

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The coffee we drink comes from dark brown, aromatic beans that grow on coffee trees. These beans are known to have several health benefits and nutrients but also caffeine, a natural stimulant, so they should be consumed moderately. Coffee contains antioxidants that are linked to protection against inflammation and converting free radicals in our body to harmless substances that are then flushed out. Read more about coffee and its health benefits here.

Coffee also helps in protecting against or reducing the risk of several diseases. Read here about the 8 benefits of coffee that you probably never knew.

Studies say drinking coffee can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and diabetes. You can have a cup of coffee in various other ways as well — cappuccino, cold coffee, filter coffee, instant coffee, and Irish coffee.

So, which of these is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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