Winter pregnancy guide: Tips to follow if you are pregnant during winters


Winter is one of the best seasons to be pregnant. Not only the weather is nice and pleasant, you have a variety of foods full of nutrition to choose from. However, the season comes with its own set of challenges considering expecting mothers are at risk of various allergies and infections during this time. Wearing appropriate clothing, keeping warm, taking care of hydration and staying active can turn your pregnancy experience into a marvellous and memorable one.

Give your day a perfect start 

Due to the cold winter mornings, you may want to start your day late, but this can affect your health when you are expecting a child. If you are getting up late, there are chances you may want to skip your workout or even breakfast that is an absolute no-no for expecting mothers. It is advisable to begin your routine in a manner that it can accommodate healthy breakfast and suitable exercise regimen for pregnant women.

Another mistake that expecting moms may make is not drinking enough water because of not feeling thirsty due to cold weather outside. Have nimbu paani, chaas, or coconut water if you do not feel like having several glasses of water in a day.

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Here are some tips by Dr. Parul Sathe, Consultant – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist for pregnant women during winters.

Drink sufficient water: Winter doesn’t mean you should lower your water intake. It is possible to get dehydrated even during winters. Don’t wait to feel thirsty and hydrate yourself with soups, nimbu pani, chaas, or coconut water. But, avoid too much coffee, tea, colas, juices, and other sweetened beverages.

Eat a well-balanced diet: Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables. Resist the urge to have processed, oily, and canned foods. Eating oily foods can aggravate acidity and lead to heartburn.

Take a flu shot: Do this to keep flu at bay. Taking an influenza vaccine is a must. “Apart from this, wash your hands with soap and water, use a hand sanitizer, if required, stay away from people who are sick, avoid crowded places, take medication on time as suggested by the doctor, mask-up, and maintain distance from people,” says Dr Sathe.

Stay physically active: It is essential to exercise indoors since the weather is cold outside. Walking, aerobics, and yoga can be done to keep yourself active. But, do not skip the workout at all. Also, avoid going overboard. Start a fitness routine only after the doctor’s suggestion.

Manage skin problems: Skin problems are common during winters and pregnant women need to take care. Dry skin, itching, irritation, and burning can give you a tough time. It is essential to avoid using perfumed products and hot showers.

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