Winter Diet: 7 Healthy Ways To Include Beetroot In Your Diet

Winter Diet: 7 Healthy Ways To Include Beetroot In Your Diet


  • Beetroot provides with a lot of nutrients and is also low in calories
  • Try these 7 healthy and delicious ways to include beetroot in your diet
  • Swap potato filling with beetroot filling for healthy beetroot dosa

Beetroot is known for its nutritional value and unique taste. You should add beetroot to your diet for various reasons. Why, you ask? It provides a variety of nutrients such as protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, folate, vitamin b6, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese and iron. Not just that, what makes this veggie perfect for any diet plan is its low-calorie count. Beetroot provides with a lot of nutrients and is also low in calories. As much as it looks beautiful because of its colour, it can sometimes be hard to make it a part of your diet due to its earthy flavour. But don’t worry, to help you add beetroot in your diet we have listed 7 unique, healthy and delicious ways to include beetroot into your diet.  

Here’re 7 Healthy Ways To Include Beetroot In Your Diet:

1. Beetroot Dosa

South Indian cuisine is famous for being utterly scrumptious and extremely healthy. As much as a masala dosa takes dosa to the next level, the potato filling takes the healthy factor away. To make your dosa healthy and also delicious, try swapping the potato filling with a beetroot filling. To make the beetroot filling saute grated beetroot, carrot with chopped onion, tomato, capsicum and garlic with some spices. Start your morning with a healthy and delightful breakfast! 


Beetroot Recipes: Kick-start your morning with healthy yet tasty beetroot dosa. (Pic credit: iStock)


2. Beetroot Spaghetti

Although Spaghetti tastes amazing, grouped with almost any kind of sauce, it is not the most healthy dish. You would have by now heard of zucchini spaghetti but if you are having trouble finding zucchini around you, here’s an easily available substitute. Just spiralize the peeled beetroot and spread it on a baking tray and drizzle some oil on it and let it bake until cooked. On a pan prepare a sauce of your choice and add the beetroot spirals to it. And there you have an easy and healthy spaghetti recipe! 


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3. Beetroot Baked Fries

French fries are one of the most unhealthy fast foods. Though baking fries has been around for a while, baked potato or sweet potato fries aren’t the most healthy either. To make it completely healthy and low calorie, try this recipe. Just spread peeled, fries type cut beetroot on a baking tray and drizzle some olive oil on it. Sprinkle spices of your choice on top such as salt, pepper, cumin powder, garam masala, chaat masala, etc and bake until cooked. And you have yourself a quick, delicious and healthy snack! 

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4. Beetroot Cutlet

Cutlets make for a great snack and taste amazing. Cutlets are often made with a potato filling and can be unhealthy. To make this delicious snack healthy try this recipe. To make this, saute some chopped garlic, chopped onions, spices, and add grated beetroot to it. Once done add some boiled mashed potatoes to help them mind together and shape them in cutlets and cook on a non-stick pan to avoid oil. You can also substitute the potato to chickpeas to make it even more healthy.  


Beetroot Recipes: Try these beetroot culets for healthy snacking options. 

5. Beetroot Rasam

Rasam is another very healthy South Indian dish. Rasam doesn’t have any unhealthy aspects in fact it is great for you if you’re on a diet. Adding some beetroot to the basic tomato rasam would not change the recipe much and will provide you with all the health benefits on consuming beetroot. Just add chopped beetroot along with tomato and enjoy a vibrant and healthier rasam! 


Beetroot Recipes: Adding some beetroot to the basic rasam recipe increases its nutritional value.

6. Beetroot Burger

Burgers are also another fast food item that is very unhealthy. But you can always try making this dish healthy and delicious by making a beetroot and red beans patty with wheat buns and elevate your experience by making the burger tastier and guilt-free. You can also add an onion and tomato slice in the burger to make it juicier.  

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7. Beetroot Dalia

Dalia is popularly eaten for breakfast as it is a very healthy breakfast option in North India and also keeps you full till your next meal. You can make a basic Dalia recipe even more fun by trying this recipe. In some oil saute curry leaves, jeera, peanuts, clove, cardamon, salt and some spices. Once cooked, add 1 bowl grated beetroot and let it cook. Then, add the water and Dalia and let it cook. Serve hot and enjoy this unique Dalia recipe for the perfect North Indian breakfast! 

And there you have it, delicious and healthy beetroot recipes! You can add more elements to these recipes as per your liking. These recipes not only fit perfectly in your diet plan but also taste amazing. With these easy recipes, you can feed your cravings and lose or maintain weight to keep a healthy lifestyle.

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