Why Is There A Bubble Tea Shortage In The US? 5 Tea Options For You


The past one year of lockdown has seen some interesting food trends emerge. From Dalgona coffee to banana bread, Tsunami cakes to hyperreal cakes – there have been so many dishes and recipes which caught the fancy of social media users. Bubble tea recently found itself among the food trends online. This milky concoction is a popular delight all across the world, especially in the United States. Chewy tapioca pearls paired with a delightful and refreshing tea make for a delicious drink every time. But did you know there is a bubble tea shortage currently in the United States? According to reports, one of the key ingredients used in Bubble tea is facing a delayed shipment.

The tapioca balls or ‘Boba’ usually are found in Taiwan and other South Asian countries, but of late, they have been facing delays in shipments. Producers and suppliers are not able to identify when the supply of Boba pearls will be restored. “If and when we run out of boba, we believe demand will shift to other toppings. But even those toppings are running low due to the same supply chain issues,” wrote popular bubble tea chain ‘Boba Guys’ in an Instagram post.

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Reports suggest that tapioca pearls used in the making of bubble tea are currently facing shortage. 

If you are missing your favourite Bubble tea, worry not – we have found some interesting and unique tea options for you. Take your pick from these most-loved tea recipes on NDTV Food.

5 Delicious And Healthy Tea Recipes For You To Try:

1. Cinnamon Thyme Tea– Flavourful and refreshing, this herbal tea gives a whole new edge to your palate.

2. Masala Chai– The classic Indian favourite, this Masala Chai recipe is a true winner.

3. Mango And Peach White Ice Tea– Iced tea is one recipe which summer is incomplete without, and this Mango version is a must-try.

4. Detox Haldi Tea – Did you know tea could help you detox too? Try this version made with the superfood turmeric.

5. Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea – If immunity is at the top of your concerns, this honey-lemon-ginger tea is for you.

So, try these interesting tea recipes and enjoy the beverage like never before. Happy brewing!

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