Who can’t donate plasma? Can women not take covid vaccine during periods? Govt busts fake news


Women can get vaccinated before and after menstruation, the Centre has clarified punching holes into viral WhatsApp forwards.

Unscientific claims regarding vaccination against Covid-19, home remedies are doing the rounds on WhatsApp, social media as the second wave of the pandemic is raging ahead. The government, in the last few days, have busted several fake claims and clarified some regarding vaccination and treatment of Covid-19. The third phase of the vaccination will begin on May 1. Everyone above the age of 18 years will be considered eligible in this phase.

During his Mann ki Baat on Sunday, which was a full episode dedicated to the issue of the ongoing pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to not fall prey to rumours — be it regarding vaccination or Covid-19. The government’s fact-checking machinery too is working on to identify false claims.

Should women not get vaccinated before and after periods?

A viral post being forwarded on WhatsApp is claiming that women should not take vaccines before and after periods as the immunity at that time remains low. “#Fake post circulating on social media claims that women should not take #COVID19Vaccine 5 days before and after their menstrual cycle. Don’t fall for rumours!” the government said through its PIB fact check handle.

Has WHO approved this home remedy against Covid-19?

The Centre has also refuted claims that a home remedy against Covid-19 found by a student of a Puducherry University has been approved by the World Health Organization. The fake news claims the concoction comprises black pepper, ginger and honey.

Can a person not donate plasma after vaccination?

Treatment of Covid-19 through plasma has been approved by the Centre in its fresh Covid-19 treatment protocol. Plasma can be administered within seven days of the onset of symptoms and in moderate cases.

A person can donate plasma only after 14 days 28 days after receiving the vaccination. Women who have ever been pregnant can not donate Covid-19 convalescent plasma.

Has Air Force doctor Asutosh Sharma claimed steam can counter Covid-19 pandemic?

Responding to a viral Whatsapp message claiming that one Air Marshal Asutosh Sharma of Bengaluru’s Command Hispital Air Force has said that taking steam can counter the pandemic, the Centre of Sunday issued a clarification saying there is no Air Marshal Ashutosh Sharma in Bangalore. “Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore is headed by Air Vice Marshal Ashutosh Sharma and the message in question has not been originated by him. Indian Air Force and Air Vice Marshal Ashutosh Sharma do not vouch for anything that is stated in the message. Any person with any symptoms of Covid-19 must seek professional medical help for treatment,” the Centre said.


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