When Sonal Chauhan nailed Anjaneyasana on her ‘magic carpet’


Bollywood actor Sonal Chauhan has often claimed that she is no health expert, but that has never stopped the star from dishing out fitness goals for her fans. The star is an avid yoga practitioner and credits her health achievements to the same. She often posts pictures of herself doing various yoga asanas on social media. She did the same recently and posted a photo in which she practised yoga’s Anjaneyasana.

Sonal took to Instagram to share an image of herself doing the Anjaneyasana and captioned the post, “On my magic carpet.” She called the yoga mat her magic carpet, and we have to say it indeed is one. Her post inspired us to roll out our magic carpets as well.

Dressed in a white racerback sports bra teamed with mint green shorts, Sonal nailed the yoga routine. For the uninitiated, Anjaneyasana, also known as the Crescent Moon Pose or Ashwa Sanchalanasana, is a low lunge back bending asana in modern yoga exercises. Take a look at Sonal’s post:


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Benefits of doing Anjaneyasana:

Yoga’s Anjaneyasana packs in several benefits if practised daily. However, one of the most important advantages is that it tones the body, calms the mind and leaves one feeling energized. It opens up the shoulders, lungs, and chest and strengthens the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings.

Anjaneyasana also gives the hips and hip flexors a good stretch, relieves sciatica, improves your balance, increases your ability to concentrate and builds core awareness. Additionally, the low lunge pose stimulates the digestive and reproductive organs.

Though this asana looks simple, practising it can be extremely testing. Therefore, in case of high blood pressure, shoulder problems, and knee injuries, avoid doing Anjaneyasana or do it with the guidance of an expert.

After Sonal shared the post, it garnered several likes and comments from her followers. See some of the comments:

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