What To Keep In Mind While Snacking In-Between Work, Expert Reveals


You’re back in the office, but don’t let your snacks gorging habits travel back with you. With COVID-19 pushing us all within the four walls of the house, little did we know that our laptops and munching snacks would become our only go-to companions! The endless working hours merged weekdays and weekends, and the sloth existence that most of the corporate professionals developed due to the mundane routine has now made them all question and rethink their choices. To keep those strange and oddly timed cravings at bay, the emerging product of the hour has been ‘smart snacks’.

In the rapidly transforming world, when technology and digitization have accelerated the need for professionals to be smarter in their productivity generation and outputs, the similar twist has also opened up in the snacking segment. It is not just about that tangy and out-of-the-box taste, or colorful packaging anymore.

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Unhealthy and greasy snacks are easily avaialbale and surround us in many ways

With the entire attention of the globe coming around the regular health and lifestyle, and habits that one must control or watch out for- the poignant one was around the food consumption pattern. We often don’t realize that mismanaged eating habits have a larger role to play in deteriorating health conditions more often than ever. This makes smart snacks an ideal intervention in the sedentary daily activities, which not only exudes multiple health benefits but sets the tone for a wellness pattern in long term.

Some of the characteristics which differentiate a regular snack from a smart snack are first of all the core ingredients, the nutritional value each ingredient supplies and contributes to the final product keeps a check on the calories, sugar, and cholesterol levels, and of course last but not the least does not get boring. While the consumers’ shift from salty, tangy, and oily snacks towards healthy snacks has been monumental, the only aspect which can retain them is variety in taste.


You can choose to add more healthy ingredients to your snacking list 

Every snack lover has distinct cravings and the need to satiate each craving is necessary. The snacking usually occurs between meals and late at night, so the most appropriate snack will be the one that adds to the missing nutrients in your meals. Also, the kind of oil used to prepare the snack highly dominates the health quotient of the snack. The oils being used in these products is rice bran oil, cottonseed oil, fusion oil, etc which assures consumers of their health. High fiber snacks that leave one satisfied are also an important category in mindful eating.

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So as we begin to return back to our offices, it is necessary we fulfill our odd and weird cravings with smart snacking options that do not disturb our sleep cycle, calorie intake, cholesterol levels, and levels of physical activity.

About the author: Vipul Gambhir is the business head of Yummiano

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