What Happens In The Kitchen Stays In The Kitchen: Users Recount Food Misadventures In This Reddit Thread


Do you have that moment sometimes when you arbitrarily find out about how a favourite food item of yours actually gets made and it blows your mind completely? Turns out, moments like these aren’t uncommon at all. A recent thread on Reddit, by a user who goes by the handle ‘u/GenoRonpa’, put out this exact same question for the community to answer: “What foods seem completely fine until you realise how it’s actually made?” In a very short span of time, the post received almost 40,000 upvotes and 16,000 comments, some of which are downright hilarious.

The comment by a user ‘raidersofthelostpark’ bagged more than 25,000 likes. To the user, the biggest surprise was when he found out that his grandmother’s apple salad dressing that he loved as a child comprised apple, mayo, and sugar. Who knew apples and mayo could also be a great combination?

A user going by the name ‘H00k90′ had an experience that all of us would probably liked to never have ourselves. What he thought were mushrooms in his wife’s aunt’s soup, were actually, wait for it, caterpillars. Yes, you heard that right.

On a lighter note, a baker also quipped in with a different perspective on puff pastry. He said although there might not be shock value in the making of a puff pastry, but “…it’s just a long, involved process that can break you if you let it.” Comments poured in where users mentioned other desserts like croissants, Baklavas, and macarons which they claimed also require an unimaginable quantity of work.

Wait, are you intrigued to see what really goes behind baking a puff pastry? Or Baklavas? Don’t have to go looking for recipes because we have them right here. This Baklava recipe will only take you about 45 minutes to make.

The puff pastry recipe? Just a little longer. And if you’re craving macarons, you’ll find the recipe right here.

So, tell us which is your favourite of these in the comments section below.

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