Watch: Yasmin Karachiwala Shares Her Sun Omelette Recipe, And It Will Surely Make You Hungry


Since the pandemic began, most of us have been working from home. We often get up in the morning and rush to our classes or meeting with no time to have breakfast. And when that happens, our mothers have to quickly think so something to make so that we don’t miss our meal. But the problem does not end here, some of us also live alone, and in that case, we usually just have a sip of coffee with bread and butter or altogether skip breakfast. And when this turns into a habit, skipping meals could be harmful to us. So next time when you want to make something quickly, Yasmin Karachiwala has a quick fix for a healthy breakfast.

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Recently, the celebrity nutritionist posted a video of ‘sun omelettes’ on her Instagram reels, and we are sure that these unique looking omelettes will make crave for some as well. In the recipe, Yasmin first cut tomato slices and removed the middle part of the vegetable. Then she chopped the centrepieces of the tomato and whisked it with egg, salt, pepper and spring onions.

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Then on a pan, she put the tomato slices and added the mixture in the middle of it. Take a look at the video:

These yummy looking omelette will surely make you hungry. And eggs are known to be full of nutrition as they have iron, vitamin, minerals and folate, which can be beneficial for your health.

Next time when you want to cook something quick for breakfast, make these sun omelette and let us know how they taste!

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