Watch: Woman Uses Nail Art For Straining Chai, Indians Are Loving It


Indians’ love for tea or ‘chai’ is truly unparalleled. Television show host Padma Lakshmi also confessed to having up to 12 cups of the humble beverage in a single day. While some people prefer to keep their tea preparation plain and simple, others add masala and other condiments like ginger. Whole spices like cardamom (Elaichi) and cloves (Long) may also be used in the tea recipe by a few people, and they need to be strained out before tea can be consumed. However, can you imagine straining tea using your nails? A woman has created an incredible nail art with a sieve in it. Believe it or not, she actually demonstrated its use for straining out a cup of tea. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram Reels by @ilysmnails, who is a popular nail blogger known for her eclectic nail art designs. The clip has received 475k plus views and 27k likes as well.

In the clip, the blogger showed the entire process of creating the incredible nail art which had a sieve embedded inside it. Once the nail was ready, she used the sieve for straining her chai. The popular track ‘Jalebi Baby’ also played in the background as she showed off her skills. We could also see some Jalebis in the video along with the Chai. In the end, the sieve managed to strain out a piece of Elaichi or Cardamom.

Desi users on Instagram were thrilled with this interesting and unique way of straining out tea with the help of nail art. “As an Indian this is amazing. I WANT CHAI NOW,” commented one user while another wrote, “So useful. Maybe there’s a coffee filter version too!”

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