Watch: UK Woman Breaks Records For Fastest Time To Eat Hot Dog With No Hands


Speed eating competitions are quite common across the globe. We have seen people organising such challenges every now and then, where participants try to eat the maximum amount of food in a minimum timeframe. In fact, the internet is loaded with various such videos that went viral in no time. Some of these people also set world records with their speed eating capabilities. We recently came across one such person who took her love for hotdogs to the next level. The United Kingdom’s Leah Shutkever recently broke the records by eating hot dogs without using hands in just a few seconds.

As per the Guinness World Records official website, Leah Shutkever – from Redditch in England – ate a hot dog in just 18.15 seconds, without using her hands. This record was achieved on April 11, 2021. She is known to be a “serial speed eater” and holds “many more delicious Guinness World Records titles”, the website read. In fact, she holds a staggering 19 records, which makes her one of the most successful competitive eaters in the history of “Guinness World Records history”. Click here to know more about her previous achievements.

On Wednesday, GWR also shared a video on Instagram where we could see Leah eating a hotdog on a table, with her hands tied from the back. Take a look at the video:

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The previous record for fastest time to eat a hot dog without hands was set by Nathan Miller from Texas, USA, in 2020. He ate the hot dog in 19.78 seconds.

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