Watch: This Video Of ‘The Dining Nun’ Has Left Reddit In Splits


If you have ever worn a costume to a function or event, you would understand the pain of being in that attire for long hours and be stared continuously. Sometimes, you are willing to explain the onlookers why you are in that peculiar outfit, and sometimes you are simply too exhausted… or hungry to take the effort. Just like this unassuming gentleman dressed as ‘zombie nun’ who only wanted to enjoy his burger when someone tried to film a sneaky video of him (after all, it isn’t every day that you spot a zombie nun sitting beside you at a fast food restaurant, right?). Within no time, the person in costume got a little too conscious and while picking up his glass of juice he poked himself with the straw it came with, the straw also went inside his nose later. The video has garnered 22.9k upvotes in about five hours of going live; several users also commented on the funny video. Watch the video here.

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“We’ve all been there. Bless.”, wrote a user sympathising.
“This happened to me at a work meeting after I decided to start drinking my coffee with a straw to keep my teeth white. I think about it every day”, wrote another. 
“Not funny guys. Imagine having a long and stressful day of haunting people, just to have someone film you as you try to eat your meal in peace, and have something so embarrassing happen!” said another user who understood the Zombie nun’s priorities. 

“Wonder what nun demon left for a tip. Was it one of those pamphlets that look like a $20 bill, but really it’s a pamphlet on how to go to hell?” read an intriguing query on the post. 
“Give her a break man. She just got tired of eating nasty human souls each day”, echoed another user in support of the dining nun.

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“Made me laugh more then it should have,” wrote a user who clearly found company among many other reddit users who visited the post. 

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