Watch: This Raw Mango Jam, When Paired With Toast, Gives Ultimate Summer Vibe


The season of mango is here. And if you are anything like us, then you surely sneak mangoes in every meal during the summers. From stashing a jar of mango jam to pair with your breakfast toast to having a glass of aam panna by the side – we make the most out of the ‘king of fruits’. Speaking about mango jam, there’s something unique about this spread that cheers us up early in the morning to kick-start the day. What if we say, you can also make your favourite mango jam at home? Yes, you heard us. We found an amazing recipe that will help you prepare fresh mango jam in just no time.

Unlike the regular ones that you get in the market, this jam is made out of raw mango and provides a burst of flavours on your palate – thanks to the right balance of sweet, tart and spice. Besides spreading on your toasted bread, you can also enjoy this jam as a condiment with your paratha or by the side of dal-chawal. And the best part is, with this super easy recipe, you will never run out of your favourite jam. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

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How To Make Raw Mango Jam | Quick And Easy Raw Mango Jam Recipe:

All you need for this dish are – 1 raw mango, 100gram jaggery powder, 1tsp cumin powder, 1tsp red chilli powder and salt as per taste. That’s it.

  • Boil water in a saucepan and add raw mango to it. Boil for 10 minutes.
  • Peel, remove the seeds and mash.
  • Add jaggery powder, red chilli powder, cumin powder, salt and mix with the mango pulp.
  • Now add everything to a pan and boil till it thickens.
  • Transfer it to an air-tight jar and store it.

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