Watch: This Murgh Malaiwala Is A Creamy Indulgence That Will Win You Over


There are some days when we would happily eat our simple Dal-Chawal or Dal-Roti combination. These home-style foods satiate and spell the ultimate comfort food for us. However, there are other days when a creamy, buttery dish is all that we crave. Whether it’s a flavourful Dal Makhani or a luscious Butter Chicken – there are so many preparations we love to indulge in. We have found another winsome recipe which you can add to your treasure trove. This Murgh Malaiwala is a creamy indulgence which will instantly perk you up.

Try this Murgh Malaiwala for a delicious and creamy treat. 

Butter chicken lovers are in for a treat, as we have found this wonderful Murgh Malaiwala recipe for you to try at home. This toothsome dish can be made at home with the choicest of spices, milk and cream. There is no need for you to run to the grocery store as the ingredients are easily available at home. Unlike other chicken recipes, there is no need to fry or grill the chicken before popping it into the gravy. Thus, the dish is quite light and yet somehow amazing to taste. The interesting use of whole spices along with rose petals and white pepper makes this dish a true winner. So, if you’re thinking of pampering yourself with a lavish meal – this Murgh Malaiwala recipe is just what you need.

How To Make Murgh Malaiwala | Full Recipe Of Murgh Malaiwala

Start by marinating the chicken in white pepper powder, ginger-garlic paste and let it rest for thirty minutes. Now, dry roast all the whole spices and grind to a fine powder. Now, prepare the gravy for the Murgh Malaiwala with cream, onion and green chillies. Then, add the marinated chicken and milk. Sprinkle all the spices including the ground masala prepared earlier. Mix well and let it cook for 10 minutes. Garnish with coriander and serve hot!

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