Watch: Sonu Sood Prepares Popular Maharashtrian Street Food Dish


We are all well aware of Sonu Sood’s immeasurable talent as an actor, but did you know that he can cook with equal skill and finesse too? Sonu shared a video on his Instagram timeline where he can be seen rustling up a popular Maharashtrian street food dish. Sonu can be heard saying, “This is Maharashtra’s famous dish that the people of Maharashtra relish and I love it too. The Filmistaan canteen serves the best misal-pav and if you ever visit, do try this dish here.” For the uninitiated, misal pav is a spicy savory street favorite Maharashtrian dish. The misal is a flavor-packed semi-liquid gravy made with a blend of lentils slow-cooked in a blend of masalas. It is served with soft buttered pav (bread rolls) topped with a crunchy sev or mixture, onions, tomatoes, and garnished with coriander.

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Sonu Sood shared the video along with the caption wherein he wrote, “Khud Banao Khud Khao (cook it yourself and eat). Who wants Misal Pav?”

Has Sonu Sood’s tasty misal pav left you with a hankering for the tasty spicy treat? Well, fret not, we have the recipe for you to whip up at home. Click here to make tasty misal pav.

This isn’t the first time Sonu Sood impressed us with his culinary skills. Earlier, the actor tried his hands at making perfectly round and crispy dosas. The actor had uploaded a video on his social media account from his film set where he could be seen cooking the popular South Indian dish. Sonu left the cast and crew of the film impressed as he served the tasty dosas with delicious coconut chutney. Read more about it here.

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From the south to the north, Sonu Sood took us on quite a food adventure across the country as he showed off his talents in the kitchen. The actor who was in Punjab in July uploaded a video of himself rolling out perfectly round and fluffy tandoori rotis. In the video, Sonu Sood can be heard saying, “Once you eat rotis from “Sonu Sood da Punjabi dhaba”, you won’t feel like having rotis anywhere else.” Click here to know more about Sonu Sood’s tandoori rotis.

Sonu Sood skillfully handles the tandoor oven

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