Watch: Restaurant Surprises Visually Impaired Guest With Heartening Birthday Gift


Hotels and restaurants are known to go creative to keep their patrons engaged. Every now and then, they come up with something fresh and unique, keeping the guests’ preferences in mind. We recently came across one such news about a restaurant in London that took their creativity a notch higher. They made an extra effort to make one of their visually impaired diner’s birthday celebrations extra special. They wrote the girl a birthday message in braille with molten chocolate. Such a soul-stirring initiative – isn’t it?

According to a video that was posted on Twitter from the handle ‘GoodNewsCorrespondent’, a restaurant staff got a plate of food for the birthday girl, and alongside, he had a white plate, with ‘Happy Birthday’ written in braille. “We want to wish you a happy birthday,” we heard the staff saying while placing the birthday message in front of the girl. We then saw a person placing her hands on the plate to read what was written especially for her.

This heart-warming initiative took the girl by surprise, and she was heard saying, “No freaking way. They did not! You guys are amazing.”

“Oh my Gosh! Are you kidding me!” she exclaimed.

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Take a look at this wholesome video:

The 48-second clip went viral in no time, garnering 60.8k views and hundreds of reactions in the comments section below.

“You know when you just need to watch something which isn’t full of hate but reminds you of the beauty of a human soul? Thank you,” wrote one.

Another user tweeted, “Wonderful, the look on her face, says it all.” A third comment read, “The best tweet of the day by a mile.”

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