Watch: Rasgulla Chaat Recipe: Give A Chatpata Makeover To This Bengali Mishti


What’s the first option that comes to your mind when we say Bengali sweets? Rosogolla (or rasgulla) will probably be the most common answer. A Bengali classic, rasgulla defines comfort and indulgence. Soft chhena balls dunked in light, cardamom-infused sugar syrup – rasgulla melts in our mouth in no time. Trust us, you can’t just stop at one! Although rasgulla has its roots in Bengal, its popularity goes beyond the state. Today, rasgulla and its dedicated fans are available at every nook and corner of India. In fact, now we also get various flavourful versions of this traditional mithai just to cater for every palate – strawberry rasgulla and chocolate rasgulla being the most popular ones. But have you ever heard of rasgulla chaat? Sounds exciting, right?

Rasgulla chaat is a spicy and flavourful street-style chaat, with rasgulla in the base – bringing the best of both worlds on one plate. We were blown by its flavours and hence decided to share the recipe of rasgulla chaat with you all. Let’s check out.

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How To Make Rasgulla Chaat:

For this particular recipe, you can either get rasgullas from the nearest sweet shop or make it at home. If you are planning to do so, then we have a foolproof recipe for you. Click here to know how to make rasgulla at home.

Rest, prepare the imli chutney, mint chutney, get dahi, masalas, pomegranate seeds and sev and assemble. Take a look:

  • Take the rasgullas and squeeze out the sugar syrup.
  • Add boiled potatoes (cubed), chopped onion and curd to it.
  • Add imli chutney, mint chutney, salt, black pepper, cumin powder and chaat masala on the top.
  • Throw in some pomegranate seeds and sev and your rasgulla chaat is ready to be devoured.

Make this unique chaat today and treat your family. Happy snacking!

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